Paragaranti e-Trader

Our e-Trader application has been renewed with its new “Paragaranti e-Trader” brand name, its user friendly frontend and functions. Via the Paragaranti e-Trader iOS and Android application, you can easily monitor the markets and can  trade equities (stocks) and Turkdex contracts. 

By downloading the mobile application, you can monitor the market data with a 15-minute delay, or by purchasing the Level 1 package, you can access the live market data via the  application.

Features of the application:

My page:

  • You can create 5 different watchlists containing 5 symbols. When you click on the “Show List” button, you can retrieve 50 symbols, which you can select as you see fit.  
  • You can  access the latest 5 market news items in  this section. When you click on the “Show All” button, you can access the Market News, PDP (Public Disclosure Platform) News and Company News.
  • There is also information  included in this section about the top 5 most advanced and declined stocks during the day. When you click on the “Show All” button, you can  reach all the rising and declining symbols list.

In the Markets section, you can  review different market data, such as the BIST, Futures, Warrants, Certificates, Foreign Exchange, Indices and Commodities. In stock and Turkdex contracts, if you swipe from the right side sight of the screen over the symbol, you can  trade quickly and find various   information about the symbols. By clicking on the symbol, you can  access the  symbol details page.

In the News section:

  • You can  access the market, PDP and company news,
  • You can  access our Garanti Securities research reports such as the Technical Analysis Daily bulletin, Exchange Market, Foreign Currency and Gold, Global Technical Analysis, Chart  of the Day, Macroeconomy, Compass and Bonds & Interests reports integrated with the Paragaranti website,
  • With the help of the Economic and Political Agenda, you can  track the important economic events and developments both domestically and abroad and incorporate  them to your own agenda.

In the Analysis section:

You can retrieve Price Level Analysis, Financial Statements, Heat Map and Foreign Currency Converter.

By linking to the My Portfolio section by using your Garanti Internet log-in information, you may access your account details, and track your account portfolio and trades.

Via the search button at the top right corner of the application, you can  search any symbol you like and click on the symbol, thereby accessing  the symbol details page.

By clicking on the Profile icon at the top left corner of the application, you can  reach the Settings, Frequently Asked Questions and your License information.

On the symbol details page of the application, you can  examine the price performance of each symbol in the mini graphic field integrated with the Paragaranti website, and by clicking on the detail button, you can use the Tradingview graphic tool for a detailed technical analysis.

GarantiFX Mobile

  • You can trade on both the iOS and Android platforms by monitoring the Forex market data.

  • You can review your trading Forex market transactions at any time via GarantiFX Mobile application.

  • You can analyze foreign currencies and CFD’s and close your positions.

Matriks Mobile

  • You may select Garanti Securities from the brokerage house list on Matriks Mobile application and login via SSO (Single Sign On) with your Garanti BBVA credentials. You can track market data and perform trading transactions.

  • You can manage your transactions via Equity Market and VIOP with Matriks Mobile application by performing market analysis and technical analysis. 

  • iOS and Android platforms are also available. You can trade stocks, futures and options contracts quickly with Matriks Mobile application.