Paragaranti International Trader


You may simultaneously monitor the International Market stocks, ETFs, ETNs and futures and execute your orders for these products in USA, Europe, Canada and many other exchanges through Paragaranti International Trader. Advanced analysis tools provide you the opportunity to carry out a technical analysis while monitoring markets by subscribing live data and news data.

The Paragaranti International Trader desktop platform is accessible through the software installed on Windows based computers. Click to download the Paragaranti International Trader desktop application.

The primary functions in the Paragaranti International Trader application are as follows:

  • Trading

    • Tracking the data related to stocks offered in many stock exchanges;

    • Improved technical analysis tools;

    • Depth and level analysis;

    • Trading and position/order tracking

  • News & Research

    • International market news;

    • Economic Calendar

  • Account

    • Tracking account entries;

    • News subscriptions;

    • Stock exchange level license subscriptions;


Demo Account

You can closely monitor the features offered by the platform without opening a real account thanks to the Paragaranti International Demo application. You can trade using  USD 100,000 in virtual money and experience the market conditions.

For further questions and information on Paragaranti International please dial 444-0630 or email: